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Congratulate the Netherlands!

Love Exiles is grateful to the Netherlands for its leadership in being the first country to open up marriage to same-sex couples.

We received many letters of thanks to Mayor Job Cohen and Henk Krol of the Gay Krant for their role in making the Netherlands the first country in the world to end marriage discrimination. Below are some of those letters.

Dear Mayor Cohen,

I am a married, Catholic, mother of three. I live in the beautiful state of California. We live a simple but fulfilling life. We enjoy spending our time with family and friends. Unfortunately, some of our family is not able to be with us because our government is too archaic to understand that love has no boundaries.

Love moves from person to person, not looking for the "appropriate" gender, it looks for those individuals who will receive it and give it. Love is something you give to someone, hoping they will care for it, cherish it and return it to you twice the size.

My sisters in law, Martha and Lin share this love. I am so thankful to you and your government for recognizing that love is love no matter who shares it. It's sad that they can't be here with their family everyday. We miss them terribly. But we are grateful to you and your government for understanding their love and commitment to each other and allowing them to receive all the rights offered to any married couple.

Congratulations on your five year anniversary of recognizing gay marriages.

Jeannie McDevitt
Gilroy, Ca USA


Dear Mayor Cohen,

Congratulations again on the five year celebrations for gay marriages. The following is a letter from my eleven year old California boy:

Dear Martha and Lin,
Happy 5th anniversary for gay marriage. We miss you Martha and Lin. We don't want you to live far away. I wish you could live here Martha and Lin. I love you Martha and Lin.

Our children from California support you.
Jeannie Mcdevitt

Dear Mayor Cohen,

The following is a letter from a nine year old boy in California:

Dear Martha,
Congratulations on your anniversary. I wish you could live closer to us but I understand why you can't.
I love you!

Isn't it a shame our American government can't see what an nine year old boy can see?

dear mr. Mayor Cohen

thank you very much for letting my aunt martha into the country. if you did not martha and lin would be torn apart. your city is great i have been there 2 times. even though part of my family is half way across the world you made it possible for part of our family (martha and lin) to stay together.

thanks a bunch,
lisa weishaar 12 years old from california

Dear Friends,

It has almost been 5 years since my daughter Kirsten Anderson married her dear friend and lover, Jacqueline Breton. Our family supports this marriage and are so happy for them. Some of us were able to make the trip to Netherlands to witness this union. It was unique and witnessed by their many friends there and from the US. It is comforting to know that they are both happy and enjoy their lives in the Netherlands. They are responsible and productive first class citizens. And I thank the powers that be in the Netherlands for their allowing same-sex Marriages.

It is sad to think they are not welcomed in the U.S. in the same manner. In places they would not be safe. Their union is not protected in many areas, health and welfare being one area. Not being treated as two adults who are committed and responsible to each other. They are leagally married and deserve the rights of all marrieds.

When will we learn to accept people like my daughter and her spouse as the responsible human beings that they are and help them to live in peace; to be treated as other marrieds are treated and not divide people into catagories like 'Us and Them'.

Waneta L Anderson

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