Looking into the future: Martha and Lin McDevitt-Pugh of the Love Exiles Foundation at Gay Pride in Madrid, Spain
28 June 2003

Gay_Pride_Madrid_2003Lin and I were on vacation in Spain in 2003. We decided to take a day off from our bicycling vacation to go to the Gay Pride celebration with our friends in Madrid. In steamy hot weather we abandoned our bicycles for the day and took the hour bus ride from Chinchon to Madrid.

Inspired by the recent Ontario court ruling that marriage must be opened up to same-sex couples, we made a big orange sign.

One side said: We love lesbian families -- in honor of our Madrid friends and their nine-month-old son, and his right to be protected by two legal parents, just like any other child.

The other side said:

Marriage now!
Holland 2001
Belgium 2003
Canada 2003
Spain 2004

Spain's conservative government was unfriendly to the gay community and it was very unlikely that Spain would be the next country to open up marriage. Nevertheless we thought we'd float the idea on that hot June evening. Our friends and their son deserve the same legal protections as any other Spanish family.

And we called it...in April 2004 the Spanish government announced its intention to open marriage to same-sex couples! The Spanish parliament followed through on 30 June 2005, voting to open up marriage to everyone. The vote was just two days after the Canadian parliament voted for full marriage equality on 28 June 2005, which was exactly two years after we marched with our friends and prophetic sign.

Miracles do happen.

June is a magical month. We are contemplating our next vacation.

- Martha McDevitt-Pugh

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