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Love Exiles Media Coverage

Senator Feinstein blocks lesbian mom's deportation, Channel 5 news, 24 April 2009.

Pacifica lesbian mom's deportation blocked, San Francisco Chronicle, 24 April 2009.

Feinstein intervenes to help lesbian mother threatened with deportation, San Jose Mercury News, 23 April 2009.

Gay lovers in exile, Daily Beast, 15 April 2009.

We are tearing families apart, we should be reuniting them, Steve Ralls, Huffington Post, 15 April 2009.

A test case in same-sex fairness, San Francisco Chronicle, 1 April 2009.

Binational, same-sex couples face immigration problems, San Jose Mercury News, 29 March 2009.

Love Exiles Clamor for Equality, El Pais/International Herald Tribune, 5 March 2007.

Please help bring me home: Cruel U.S. laws have forced thousands of gay binational couples to live abroad. By Robert Bragar, Love Exiles Foundation. Washington Blade, May 11, 2006.

Love Exile on the road again, Radio Netherlands, October 2005. English   Dutch   Audio (Click on the love exile!)

Same-sex marriage letdown, San Mateo Daily Journal, 30 September 2005.

Woman bikes for equality, San Mateo Daily Journal, 26 September 2005.

Tots & Teens Deliver Postcards to Governor, San Francisco Bay Times, 22 September 2005.

Gay marriage allies still hope to sway governor, Oakland Tribune, 21 September 2005.

Lesbians cycle to Sacramento for marriage equality bill, gaysports.com

Amerikaanse uit Nederland fietst voor homohuwelijk, Zij aan Zij, September 2005.

County OKs same-sex marriages, San Mateo Daily Journal, 13 April 2005

Same-sex marriage showdown, San Mateo County Times, 13 April 2005

Listen to Love Exile on the Road, Radio Netherlands, 31 October 2004

Caravaners Seek Support for Gay Unions, Rocky Mountain News, 8 October 2004

Love Warriors Cross the Country to Rally in Washington, In Los Angeles Magazine, 25 October 2004

Taking Gay Marriage on the Road, San Francisco Chronicle, 5 October 2004

Spreading their Message Across America, San Franciso Chronicle photo special with links to eight articles

Love exiles take on unfair immigration laws, www.expatica.com, 25 June 2004

Homo's verbannen door de liefde, SPITS, 11 May 2004, (Adobe PDF version) (English translation: Gays exiled by love)

Love Exiles on board for 13-city U.S. tour, Dutch foundation launched with global mandate, Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples, May 2004

Fundación Exiliados de Amor: Lucha contra el hecho de que los maridos y las esposas sean vistos como extraños en el ambito legal

Dutch gays fight to have marriages recognized abroad, International Briefs, Bay Windows, 20 May 2004; Gay and Lesbian Times, 20 May 2004.

Homo's verbannen door de liefde, Recht in Beeld, 12 May 2004

Fight against husbands and wives as legal strangers, GayLinkNews.com, 10 May 2004

Nieuwe voorvechters homorechten, Trouw, 8 May 2004

Interview on KBOO Radio, Same Sex Partners, November 2003

Love Exiles, Expat Magazine, June 2003

Gay Couples Give Thanks to Dutch Law, Expatica.com, November 2002

Love Exiles' Celebrate Thanksgiving in Amsterdam, Lesbianation.com, November 2002

Amerikaanse homo's bedanken Nederland, GaySite.nl, November 2002

Americaanse homo's bedanken Nederland voor gastvrijheid met thanksgiving-diner, Amsterdam Stadsblad, November 2002

Gay Expatriates Celebrate Thanksgiving in Amsterdam, 5 December 2002, Bay Windows

Other Articles on Bi-national Couples

U.S. Immigration Restrictions Give Gay Couples Few Options, Washington Post, 28 December 2003

Kicked Out of America, The Advocate, 3 February 2004

Gay lives in limbo: U.S. immigration laws leave binational couples in the lurch, San Francisco Chronicle, 11 January 2004.

Love, the international way, Expats Magazine, www.expatsonline.nl

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